Abhilasha biofuel is an environmentally friendly fuel made from Agri waste and/or waste from Agro processing Industries. Currently we produce a liquid biofuel and a gaseous biofuel.

Abhilasha biofuel uses Agri waste as a source of raw material. Biodiesel on the other hand uses plant matter like vegetable oils. Due to this difference, Abhilasha biofuels have a much lower manufacturing footprint than Biodiesel, among other advantages. Checkout (link to video) to find out more.

Our process is almost carbon neutral. Our fuel is made from the biomass produced by plants taking in CO2 captured from the air during photosynthesis. By using that to make fuel, we are only returning the CO2 taken up by the plant, back to the atmosphere. Additionally, we have a miniscule carbon footprint in the manufacturing process and use no extra chemicals.

Any non-toxic, agriculture based waste, Agro Industry waste has the potential to be a raw material. The quality of the fuel will depend on certain other factors like process conditions, properties of wastes, etc., and after some research we will attempt to give a boutique solution that makes the most of the raw material.

Yes, our fuel has been tested by IIT Chennai and has been found to have properties like HSD or better (Sulphur content for example). It meets with all the specifications laid out for HSD. Our fuel has also been tested by ARAI and found to be exactly like HSD in its properties.

Currently we are operating only in India.

In Chakan, near Pune, Maharashtra

MSW contains plastic. Currently our focus is only on Agriculture based raw materials. There are other ways to convert plastic into fuel.

Biochar is a by-product of Abhilasha biofuel manufacturing and is a soil amendment that increases soil fertility, improves water retention and aids in the absorption of various nutrients. Visit Link for more info.

Recently, Biochar has been seen as an exciting Raw material in Green Construction. It can be used to make mortar for good insulation properties, create buildings that absorb pollutants and in replacing some conventional materials like sand in Mortar.

Biochar in Agriculture needs to be mixed with Organic manure like Cow dung or Compost to activate it, which takes approximately a week. Thereafter it can be applied to the fields at the time of plowing or planting. Biochar can also be used on existing plants to make them healthier. Since Abhilasha biochar can absorb water up to 5 times its weight without increasing much in volume, it is ideal for potted plants with less areas.

Abhilasha fuel can be stored in a cool place, away from any source of fire. Abhilasha biofuel does not degrade with time and hence can be stored for long periods.

We at Greenjoules, make sure to explore every facet of any raw material to ultimately find the best suited process to convert it into fuel. A thorough research would require theoretical and practical work and can take up to 4-6 months.